Thursday, November 21, 2019

The impact of globalisation on work and employment Essay

The impact of globalisation on work and employment - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that globalisation has over the years led to the development of diverse changes in almost all sectors of the global economy and these include having an impact on work and employment. Globalisation is a force that has come to lead to a serious break with past practices and has instead ushered in a new era where employment opportunities, as well as work, have become more accessible for some part of the population. While this has been the case, globalisation has become essential for the sustenance of the economy because it is through the new trends that it has brought about that it has become possible for the different needs of the market to be satisfied. However, despite its being a significant factor in the global economy, it has also brought about a situation where the said economy has come to be dictated upon by market forces. Globalisation has brought about the importance of market forces which have had an impact on work and employment. I t has been argued that globalisation has led to a situation where the new market that has developed is one has changed the nature of work and organisations for the better. It has further been argued that these changes are increasingly becoming relevant because a significant number of individuals in the world today are taking advantage of opportunities presented within the new work system in order to ensure that the take an active part in the economy. Newer organisational changes have made sure that the work environment has become more flexible and is one which helps in the personal development of employees involved.

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