Monday, November 25, 2019

Galaxy Quest Essays

Galaxy Quest Essays Galaxy Quest Essay Galaxy Quest Essay The 1999 movie galaxy Quest, created by Frank Ross, is still considered as one of the best science fiction movie ever produced.   Its popularity can be witnessed by the worldwide loyal followers from different countries and of different ages.   This paper will make an assessment on who the real hero of the film is, and on what grounds this assessment had been made. Galaxy Quest, which stars a team of space soldiers headed by Commander Taggert, and members of the crew such as Dr. Lazarus, Lt. Tawny Madison, Lt. Laredo, and Security Chief Ingersol, comprises the officers on board the starship NSEA Protector- the main battle cruiser of the fleet.   And together, they make up for all of the conflicts and dà ©nouement, each sharing his own part of the story, plot and characterization. It is because of this aspect, the equal sharing of every character in the story, which makes me conclude that the true hero of the film is the entire team itself, and not confined to a particular individual, as what is usually practiced in other films.   The transformation from a mere actor, whose concern is limited to his own professional career, to an inter-galactic hero, who eventually saves an entire planet and eradicated an evil alien commander, can be said to all of the members of the team.   The film had also shown each member’s acceptance and the eventual improvement in his role and duties as a member of the NSEA Protector, and their own personal conflicts involved in the acceptance process of their roles as the real-life soldier/savior of a species. : Thus it can be concluded that the entire Galaxy Quest team is the real hero of the film.   It had been clearly established that not one character was dominant in the story, not even their leader, Commander Taggert, can be considered as solely responsible for their triumphant endeavors.   Each had his own faults, and each of them had overcome those through team support and friendship. Reference: Johnson, M. Newirth, C. (Producers), Parisot, D. (Director). 1999. Galaxy Quest [Motion Picture].   United States: Dreamworks SKG.

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