Thursday, January 16, 2020

John Boehner

I. Personal Background A. Family 1. Birth place 2. Born November 17, 1949 to Mary Anne and Earl Henry Boehner 3. Married to Debbie Boehner; B. Education 1. Boehner attended Cincinnati's Moeller High School and was a Linebacker on the school's football team 2. Graduating from Moeller in 1968 3. Boehner enlisted in the United States Navy but was administratively separated after eight weeks because of a bad back. 4. He earned his B. A. In Business Administration from Xavier University in 1977 . Shortly after his graduation in 1977, Boehner accepted a position with Nucite Sales, a small sales business in the packaging and plastics industry. II. Political Influences & Development A. Political Influences 1. Newt Gingrich a. Republican lawmaker & Engineer 2. Dick Gephardt B. Political Development 1. From 1995 to 1999, Boehner served as House Republican Conference Chairman which is the party caucus for Republicans in the United States House of Representatives 2.During his time as Conference Chairman, Boehner championed the Freedom To Fact Act that, among other provisions, revises and simplifies direct payment programs for crops and eliminates milk price supports through direct government purchases. 3. In 1998, Boehner was ousted as the chairman of the House Republican Conference, after his party lost five congressional seats. III. Contributions & Writings A. Media Attention 1. During his freshman year, Boehner was a member of the Gand Of Seven which was involved in bringing media attention to the House banking scandal. B.Boehner & Senator Ted Kennedy authored the passage of â€Å"No Child Left Behind Act of 2001† 1. Was signed by President Goerge W. Bush. In 2002. 2. Boehner said that it was his â€Å"proudest achievement† in two decades of public service. 3. Boehner was friends with Kennedy, also a Roman Catholic, and every year they chaired fundraisers for cash-strapped Catholic schools. IV. Political Achievements A. In an upset, Boehner was elected by his colleagues to serve as House Majority Leader on February 2, 2006. 1. The election followed Tom DeLay's resignation from the post after being indicted on criminal charges.B. Boehner campaigned as a reform candidate who wanted to reform the so-called â€Å"earmark† process and rein in government spending 1. He defeated Majority Whip Roy Blunt from Missouri Representative John Shadegg of Arizona. C. After the Republicans lost control of the House in the 2006 elections, the House Republican Conference chose Boehner as Minority Leader. 1. As such, he was the Republican nominee for Speaker in 2006 and 2008. V. Personal Conclusion 1. Speaker Boehner 1. Speaker of the House. 2. Congressmen John Boehner 1. John Boehner, part of Congress.

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